Exemples of completed projects

  1. Project leader at Siemens steam turbines Finspång, responsible of the mechanical scope concerning exchange of HP valves and corresponding systems on a turbine in Austria.

  2. Commissioning engineer at Siemens gas turbines, at the test facilities in Finspång.

  3. Manager of mechanical maintenance of a combined heat solid fuel plant in Linköping.

  4. Project leader of a heat recovery project in Bjuv Sweden, the scope was to install four heat exchangers including corresponding systems, to exchange hot air into district heating.

  5. Operation responsible/ shift leader at E.On combined heat, peak load power plant in Norrköping Sweden. The plant is fired with heavy fuel oil and can produce 250 MWe grid load in cold condense operation, or 200 Mwe grid load and 300 MWh in back pressure operation.

  6. Responsible of, finishing of open points, concerning commissioning, at Inesco combined cycle plant in Antwerp Belgium. The project is a turnkey plant build by Siemens. The scope includes 2 SGT 800 gas turbines, with 2 exhaust boilers and one steam turbine, as well as all corresponding systems. The plant produce 150 MWe grid load and back pressure steam to a chemical refinery.

  7. Commissioning manager Alstom Power Environment, my responsibility was to organize the commissioning and to write all commissioning procedures as well as the time schedule of the project. The scope of the project was to deliver 2 Flow pack desulphurization units to Latonia.

  8. Project leader TPS boiler manufacturer, the scope of the project was to rebuild a district heating oil fired boiler, to wood dust fuel.

  9. Commissioning off flue gas scrubber system, at Korsta district heating, waste fuel power plant, in Sundsvall Sweden.

  10. Site manager at Energisystem Sverige AB. I was responsible of production and maintenance of one of the company's plants including economic responsibility of my own budget. I was responsible contracting my own fuel contracts and reinvestment projects. The plant has two solid fuel boilers and a district heating network. Yearly production is 24 GWh district heat.

  11. AB GF Swedenborg - Engineering firm. Statkraft, operation translation leader of 16MW grate boiler for hot water production.

  12. GoBiGas, Metso Power commissioning of 20 MW gasification plant for the production of biogas.

  13. KMW Energi, operation translation leader for 6 MW grate boiler for hot water production.